Bank malfunction: Honolulu woman was slap with eye-watering US1.4 Trillion bill


Angela Kwong’s bank somehow managed to charge her $710 billion – TWICE The woman from Oahu, Hawaii, said it was lucky she checked her bank account when she did, or else she would have been dealing with an outstanding balance that would keep entire nations going for a bit. But imagine opening your post and finding a bill for $1.4 TRILLION.

Angela said she was shocked when she logged into her bank account statement Tuesday morning only to find an outstanding balance of $1.4 trillion. Local news station KHON2 reports she immediately got in touch with her bank.

She told the station: “I was shocked, and I couldn’t believe it. The first time I saw it, I had to go to my bathroom and get my glasses on to make sure it wasn’t just because of my bad eyes.” So, a simple error, right? Not exactly. The news station said the bank initially told her their hands were tied.
Angela said: “I called the customer service line and they said their system was down and my number was down and surprisingly, they said they couldn’t take the number down and was unable to return my phone call. They said there was nothing they could do. “It’s kind of funny when you look at it, but it’s also kind of scary, because if the number was a little bit more normal, then I may have sort of overlooked it. “I’ll definitely keep my eye on my phone and my computer and my bank statements.”

Kwong’s case was due to a technical glitch that the bank finally managed to sort out, but would not say where the demand came from.

The Bank customers services said: “First Hawaiian Bank’s online banking platform experienced a glitch where customers viewing their accounts online were temporarily shown an incorrect balance. Within minutes of discovering the glitch, we were able to resolve the issue.“No actual customer information or balances were affected or compromised, the glitch was limited to the view shown in the online banking environment. We want to sincerely apologize to our customers for any inconvenience this may have caused and we are glad that this was resolved very quickly.”