Bald Eagle called Uncle Sam attacks Donald Trump



Bald Eagle named Uncle Sam has attacked wannabe president Donald Trump… and it’s hilarious.

Billionaire former The Apprentice star Trump was trying to depict himself as the saviour of the US of A with iconic American bird in a photo shoot for Time magazine. But bald eagle like the 500,000+ Brits who have signed a petition to block the divisive property magnate from the UK didn’t seem to be a fan.

The majestic create attacks Trump twice swooping at his ridiculous trademark barnet and lunging at his hand when he reached to close to its perch.  Uncle Sam 27 dives for Trump as soon as his handler tries to hand him over in the backstage footage. The bird stands dignified beside Trump at his desk. But as soon as he reaches over it goes for his hand  prompting the Republican 69-year-old to recoil in panic.




“How’s my hair look,” the vain tycoon mugs as he checks the combover in a window after the first onslaught. He flinches throughout the shoot as he holds the eagle at arm’s length and gives an awkward thumbs-up to the camera. At the end he tells the snapper: “What you will do for a cover. This Bald bird is serious dangerous but beautiful.” Trump has outraged much of the world but delighted right wing supports  with a series of controversial comments, including branding Mexicans as “criminal rapists” and calling for a ban on all Muslims entering the US.