Armed cops swoop on suspicious man – disguised in burqa in an attempt to cheat on his wife


Police officers thought they had foiled a terror attack after arresting a suspected suicide bomber disguised as a woman – but they had got it VERY wrong. Cops swooped in on the Turkish man in the Black Sea province of Ordu on Saturday afternoon when concerned residents reported a man disguised as a woman in a burqa.

Eagle-eyed locals realised the person wearing the burqa was also donning men’s shoes. Worried residents alerted police to the married man who they suspected may have been a terrorist – but officers soon found out he had a good reason to be in disguise

However when officers raced to the scene and unmasked the man, who was wearing the full-length gown traditionally worn by some Muslim women, they realised they had made a grave error. After arresting him for “inflicting fear and panic in the public,” the suspect, 33, explained to police that he was meeting a woman on a secret date. The man, who is married with two children, donned the disguise so he could meet the woman – arranged through an online dating website – in secret without being spotted by people from his local community.
Officers in Turkey are on high alert following attacks in the country which have been attributed to ISIS terrorists.
More than 100 people died last month during a bombing at a peace rally in Ankara.
The attack was the most deadly in Turkey’s history.