Amedeo Mancini, the Italian man who attacked and killed a Nigerian, Emmanuel Chidi Nnamdi, in Italy on Tuesday July 4th, is pictured arriving an Italian court this morning July 11th where he will be tried on charges of manslaughter aggravated by racism.

He ultras confesses: “Yes, I insulted”. The right-wing extremist Amedeo Mancini admits uttering racist words against the wife of Emmanuel Chidi Nnamdi, later he died from the beating: “But I did not kill him.” Boldrini and Woods today at the funeral.

It reads of the Republic of Giuliano Foschini:

“Yes, I insulted them because they were black, but i thought they were stealing a car. I am Fascist? No politicized, are a bit ‘right, a bit’ to the left, but the fascists have done good things as land reclamation. I did not want to kill him, but he, with his friend and his wife who came against me. I just reacted. “

Fermo: Amedeo Mancini, accusato di aver ucciso il profugo nigeriano (foto Zeppilli)

Stationary, July 11, 2016 – It’s still locked up in prison Amedeo Mancini, the stop of 39 years investigated for manslaughter, with the aggravating circumstance of racial slurs, Emmanuel Chidi Nnamdi, the Nigerian political refugee host of the reception center Don Vinicio Albanesi. Those who got to see him described him as a desperate person, destroyed by grief, crying often.

Mancini does not seem to comprehend what happened, but also not to realize why so fiercely against it. He confessed to investigators that the monkey word was part of his vocabulary because, as a child, he was nicknamed as “The friends called me monkey, but I never considered a grave insult. I have nothing against immigrants. Indeed I have hosted several of my house when they did not know where to sleep. ”

Fermo, i funerali di Emmanuel Chidi Namdi. In prima fila la compagna Chinyery (Foto Zeppilli)

Meanwhile become two the super testimony that confirm the violent reaction against the Ultra of Fermana with a road sign by Nnamdi. There is an ‘ other woman , trusted by deputy prosecutor Fermo, Francesca Perlini, who witnessed the fight and that clearly speaks of blows unleashed with the metal pole that brought down the ultras stop, before his fatal reaction. His testimony appears in the minutes of the investigators who are unequivocal.

“After I got off the bus – the document reads – the woman has heard screams coming from the street below where noted talking animatedly two people of color and Mancini. He reported that the black boy began to shove Mancini and, after taking a mobile traffic sign, therein, struck him with the same leg, causing him to fall to the ground. After that the black boy walked away, but was joined by Amedeo Mancini and the two began a fist fight after which the colored man ruined ground. also he added that he had heard from the boy, who was in the company of Mancini, the following words to his friend: “Never mind, there is a woman, not react, there is a woman.”

A version that provided by the woman who fits in with that of ‘ another witness , also present this in the minutes of the Prosecutor’s Office, which stated “that he saw the entire scene in which there were three subjects, two color and one of complexion white, arguing heatedly and exchanged blows. In particular he described that the colored man sferra shots kind of karate moves toward the light-skinned man and woman hitting the latter with their shoes, screaming at him: ‘Who monkey, ape who?’. Then he noticed the black man take a road sign provided with the platform and ballast and, having raised, push it against the light-skinned man, hitting him in the shoulder and knocking him to the ground. Finally he noted that the white-skinned man hit with a punch to color, causing it to fall on the ground. ”

The two witnesses are required the utmost account of the Perlini prosecutor who writes the detained issued: “The statements are to be considered secure credibility, as strangers to the facts of how far apart in terms of kinship and understanding of both the victim is from ‘investigated’.

The case is developing…