Amber Rose Is that booty fake? Wearing Butt Pads


Amber Rose booty pads

AMBER Rose is known for her mind-boggling booty but it seems that she may be employing a bit of trickery for even more junk in the trunk.

Amber was papped taking son Sebastian to the park alongside her ex Wiz Khalifa, and dressed down for the occasion. The 32-year-old wore a cropped jumper from her own collection teamed with a pair of skintight leggings that showed off her impressive rump. The bombshell has sparked rumours that Amber has faked her curves after eagle-eyed fans noticed a padding outline in her leggings.

Unfortunately, the trousers were so fitted that they also managed to outline a ridge beneath the material and we don’t think it was underwear.  

Amber Rose butt pads

Fans took to Twitter to speculate whether these butt pads meant that Amber’s bum was fake. Earlier this year, Amber let TV star RuPaul feel her rear to prove it was natural, but there’s no hiding the fact that the beauty’s booty has swelled in recent years.

In pictures taken six years apart, Amber, the mum-of-one’s derrière appears to have doubled in size. 

Amber Rose in leggings

Amber Rose booty transformation

Perhaps she’s using padding to increase her curves even further? Booty padding has become as standard as popping chicken fillets in your bra, with even Spanx offering undies that let you “add a cheek size”. We wonder what Bridget Jones would think about this new underwear innovation.