Ageing Signs can be ‘magically reversed’ by common chemical used to clean fish tanks



Ageing Signs can be “magically” reversed by a common chemical used to clean fish tanks, a new study claims. 

Ageing signs can be repair with cheap, non-toxic, water soluble chemical Methylene blue, which is also used as dye, Methylene has been found to repair the damage to genes caused by ageing.

Researchers at the University of Maryland said it could soon be available as an over-the-counter medicine, used in cosmetics or as a food and drink additive. 

The study found the chemical repairs damage to the “batteries” that produce energy in cells – which are ruined by the normal ageing process.

The new study showed for the first time small doses of methylene blue can almost completely repair defects in prematurely aged cells that cause rare genetic diseases, known as progeria, and can also repair ageing damage to healthy cells. 


Kan Cao, a professor on the study, said: “We tried very hard to examine the effect of methylene blue on all known progeria symptoms within the cell. “It seems methylene blue rescues every affected structure in the cell. When we looked at the treated cells, it was hard to tell they were progeria cells at all – it’s like magic.” “This is such an exciting result with so much potential, both for progeria and normal ageing.” 


Methylene blue reverses damage to cells, which then allows the skin to repair itself normally. Animal and clinical trials are planned to see the effects.