Agbara bank Robbery: Gang Leader was arrested at a party in Delta state.


The gang leader of the robbers that carried out indiscriminate robbery in some of the banks at the Agbara Housing Estate Ogun state last week Thursday, has been apprehended in Sapele, Delta state. Police source says Special In­telligence Response Team (SIRT) under the operatives of the In­spector General of Police, arrested the gang leader identified as Kelly Rotor at a wedding in Sapele yesterday where he was lavishing his own share of the loot from the bank robbery, the arrest which led to the death of a pregnant woman and a police officer.

Kelly who was with some of his other gang members engaged the police in a shootout after they were rounded up. A police officer was killed during the shootout. Kelly who also suffered gun shot wounds in the shootout with the police, later surrendered to the police and is now under police interrogation. Police is currently working hard to get his other gang members off the street.