A Nigerian Beauty Queen Nearly Died After Terrifying Reaction To Eye Drops


A former beauty queen's face FELL OFF after she had a horrific reaction to eye drops

A beauty queen nearly died after she suffered a rare reaction to eye drops that made her skin fall off. Marian Adejokun, 24, was left in a coma for a month after the one-in-a-million illness, known as Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

The reaction caused the top layer of her skin to shed and die – causing her mum to say she “looked like Freddy Krueger” from the horror film Nightmare on Elm Street. More after the cut…

Mum Remi Adejokun said: “I hate to say that but there were so many blisters her skin was just tearing off. “I looked at her and I was so scared she was going to burst open. I saw death knocking at my daughter’s door, all because of an eye drop.”

The nightmare began five years ago when Marian, from Thornton Heath, south London, complained of an itchy eye, and her GP directed her to the chemist for some eye drops.  She woke up the following morning with lumps all over her body and was rushed to hospital, where her skin began to shed.

The top layer of Marian's skin died and shed after the horror reaction

Marian was soon after put into a medically induced coma, and doctors told her mum she may not survive the ordeal. 

The brave young woman, who once came second in a Miss Teen Africa beauty pageant, said: “Unknown to me, I had a rare, deadly allergy to eye drops and shockingly, after using it, all of my skin peeled off from head to toe.”

Marian's nightmare began when she used eyedrops

Marian has now written inspirational books and does community work with youngsters in Croydon

She later recovered from the illness and went on to complete a degree in early childhood studies at the University of Roehampton.

Marian added: “I am so happy to be alive and share my unique story.”No matter what the struggles may be, one has to believe in themselves and have a positive attitude towards life. “I see my story as a positive one. I believe this will inspire a lot of youths to be grateful for what they have. “Even more so, to fulfil their purpose in life and be a blessing to someone else. My motto is ‘believe in yourself and follow your dreams’.”

The inspiring woman has even gone on to pen two books about her life to motivate others, titled My Life Is Not My Own and ReachOut2All.

She is also involved in community work with youngsters in Croydon and recently organised a graduation ceremony for school children. Following her discharge from hospital five years ago, Marian, said: “When I was in the intensive care unit, crying in pain, all I thought of was coming home.

“I’ve overcome a lot of in my life. Losing my skin because of an eye drop is just another obstacle I’ve made it through.”