A 6-year old girl was allegedly sexually assaulted by a 12-year-old boy as she played near her home.

The little girl whose identity was not given was lured to a secluded area by the boy and a friend where she was seriously sexually assaulted.

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “Police in East Lothian were called following a report of a sexual assault in the Prestonpans area. The incident was reported to police on Monday 23rd January and a 12-year-old boy has since been reported to the Children’s Reporter.”

She added: “Police were made aware of comments posted to a social media website on Sunday, February 12, which contained details of a complaint recently made to Police Scotland. Officers have visited those involved and have now given advice to all concerned parties. “Matters involving children cause distress, not only to those involved, but also to the wider community.

“Police Scotland would reassure the public that we are working with our partners in the criminal justice sector to ensure that all reasonable steps are being taken to protect them and would ask that proceedings into this incident are allowed to take place without interference.”