50 Cent Sues Rick Ross for Rapping Over his Song!!! PAYBACK TIME


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50 Cent is suing Rick Ross for jacking “In Da Club” and rapping over it to promote his new album.

50 just filed a lawsuit in Connecticut in the documents he says his classic banger appears on Ross’ ‘Renzel Remixes’ without his permission, and he used it to drum up publicity for his next LP.  

50 and Ross have a storied beef. Remember, Recently Rick Ross’ baby mama won a $7 million judgement against 50 Cent after she sued him for releasing her sex tape. Looks like 50 has come up with a sneaky way to pay off the debt: By suing Rick
Rich or Die Tryin’ rapper’s seems to be retaliating with the lawsuit he wants Ross to pony up more than $2 mill for using his track.  But according to 50 Cent legal rep, which defended the stand of his client said the following to the press:

“50 Cent’s most valuable asset is the name and reputation he has painstakingly built through his Grammy-winning music, acting, and business endeavors,”  “He chooses his projects carefully for the very purpose of protecting that name and reputation.”

Ross had yet to comment