5-year-old Boy Allegedly Raped A 13-Year-old Girl


Boy, 5, investigated for raping girl, 13

A five-year-old boy allegedly raped a girl last year, new crime figures show. The child, from Manchester, was accused of assaulting a girl under 13 in Manchester.

He was among thousands of children under 10 accused of committing crimes such as sexual assault, arson and threats to kill since 2014. More after the cut…

A two-year-old boy was accused of GBH and in total there were 70 reports of rape by children under 10. The figures was obtained by Daily post after submitting Freedom of Information requests to police forces. None of the children can be prosecuted, as 10 is the legal limit for criminal responsibility so anyone under that age can’t be convicted. The figures showed Greater Manchester Police alone recorded 21 rapes in which the suspect was a child.

For Merseyside Police, the figure was 13 rapes the youngest suspect just six years old. Overall, 32 out of 43 police forces in England and Wales responded, showing 4,584 crimes were recorded by under 10s since 2014. Alleged crimes included arson, threats to kill, drug possession and having an article with a blade or point in school.

Children under 10 can be given a Local Child Curfew or a Child Safety Order although they can’t be prosecuted. If they regularly break the law they could be taken into care.