A Detroit man, identified as Keenan Beard, 28 was murdered in front of a school while dropping off his 5-year-old son.

The murder, the police believes is in retaliation of another murder carried out by Beard in 2014 but for which he has not been arrested.Several attempts were made on Beard’s life in the past before he was eventually killed. About 50 shots from an AK-47 were fired at Beard in front of gas station at Fort and Schaefer in April 2015. Though he was hit, he recovered. His house was also shot last month.

Beard was killed at about 8:10a.m after dropping his kid and getting back into his car. A backseat passenger fired him in the head execution-style by a gunman and thereafter, took off running. Fortunately, pupils at the school were not hurt while the school was locked down briefly. Beard’s 5-year-old son according to report did not witness the murder.