A 22-year old marriage has hit the rocks after the husband supported President Donald Trump in the last election of the United States of America.

73-year old Gayle McCormick, separated from his husband who she has been married to for 22 years.

Gayle, a California prison guard and self-described “Democrat leaning toward socialist,” felt betrayed when her husband revealed during lunch with friends that he was voting for Trump.

Gayle said, “I felt like I had been fooling myself. “It opened up areas between us I had not faced before. I realized how far I had gone in my life to accept things I would have never accepted when I was younger.”

When Gayle’s husband eventually changed his mind about Trump, it was already too late and Gayle had decided to separate from him. The couple will live separately henceforth but will remain friends and vacation together. They are also not getting a formal divorce.