An 18-year old has hanged himself after he was told to start paying a rent of £200 per month.

Elliot Stapleton-Giddins who received a text message about payment of rent from his mother, was found dangling in his room.

The message he received read: “You need to pay £200 a month. The other rooms are £500 so it seems like a fair deal.”

The teenager was said to be in a happy relationship with his girlfriend, Lily Avirl and worked as a chef for a Masterchef: The Professionals finalist.

According to detectives from Thames Valley Police, Lily told them that Elliot was sad about the text message he received from his mother, but she managed to pacify him. The deceased at the time of his death, was £2,500 rich, the money he planned using to go traveling.

Eliot’s mother, Ms Stapleton-Giddins said her plan was to make his son more responsible and not about the money. She narrated her rude shock at discovering his body at his home adding that he should have spoken to him and not text him.

While Elliot has not been diagnosed with mental health issues, the inquest heard that he had previously complained of feeling low.