A 17-year old drug cartel who has carried out no fewer than 30 murders has been arrested by the Police in Columbia.

The suspect known only by his nickname ‘Frijolito’ or ‘Little Bean’ carried out his first contract killing while he was 12.

The name ‘Little Bean’ is believed to have been taken from a novel about Columbian hitmen. The suspect is said to be the leader of a drugs gang called ‘Los del Ave’. The teenager is currently in a rehabilitation centre for minors but will be transferred to an adult prison when he’s 18. An elite of police officers have been trying to tack him down for six months in Cali, a famous city for drug-trafficking in Columbia.

When ‘Little Bean was captured, the police was proudly made the announcement by posting his photograph of twitter along with two officers beside an unattractively thin and bony teenager in handcuffs with his head bowed.

According to Chief of Police, Hugo Casas, the arrest of the teenager means Cali is now “free from a dangerous person that can continue with these acts.

“He has committed at least 30 murders. “We will continue to work to catch his accomplices,” Casas said.