11 Year-Old Man United Fan Wrote Critical Letter To Sir Alex Ferguson And Fergie Replied


Sir Alex Ferguson had many qualities which made him one of the finest managers who ever lived.

Natural man management. Incredible tactical nous. The ability to put the fear of God into a player by simply glaring in his direction. But ability to gracefully accept constructive criticism? Ask any journalist who ever asked Sir alex a difficult question whether this was a skill the former Man United boss possessed. We guarantee you’ll hear tearful laughter in response. But all in all, He is more receptive to criticism than we all thought, after an 11 year old boy who sent a letter to him in 2005 got a reply. 

Back in 2005, 11 year-old Paul Golah-Ebue, was given a task at school where he had to write a letter to a famous person. Paul chose Sir Alex  but as you can see here, this was not going to be any ordinary, fawning attempt to get an autograph

The content of Young Paul’s letter, he wanted Sir Alex, Man United boss to set straight on a few things like: His formation was wrong, He was misusing Wayne Rooney, He shouldn’t have sold David Beckham, His assistant manager was not up to the task of picking the team. Now Paul is 21 years Old very strong Man united fan from London, posted online recently. But this young United fan? He Actually got a response:

Cynics among you might suggest that this was written by a secretary rather than the Man United manager – but it looks pretty genuine. He even references dropping Paul “a wee line”. Classic Fergie.