10-Year-Old Indian Boy Who Cheated Death When He Fell From A Roof And Impaled By Four Foot-Long Steel Rod – (Graphic Content)


Miracle: Ten year old Aman Vishwakarma (pictured) was working on the roof of his family home in Kaushambi district in Uttar Pradesh state, India, when he fell and impaled himself on a four foot long steel rebar

When people say there is nothing call miracle, they need to read  how 10-year- old  Aman Vishwakarma from India, cheated death after he fell 12 feet off a roof and impaled himself on a four foot long steel rod  miraculously missing his vital organs. 

Aman Vishwakarma, 10, was on the roof of his family home in India when it collapsed and gave way underneath him, sending him crashing to the ground. He fell on top of a steel rebar, which entered his body by piercing his inner thigh and went through the length of his torso and exited his upper back, missing his spine by millimetres. The photos are graphic content readers discretion advised. More after the cut…

Incredibly Aman, 10, from Kaushambi district in Uttar Pradesh state, India survived the fall as surgeons worked for four hours to remove the metal building spike.  It had torn a major blood vessel, pierced his bowel and diaphram, grazed his spine and possibly ruptured his lungs – causing two litres of blood to build up in his abdomen. Recalling his death-defying fall, Aman said he was laying mud onto the roof of his family home when the structure collapsed. 

Escape: Here, the four feet long pole enters Aman through his upper thigh and exits through the top of his back, miraculously missing vital organs

He screamed in agony as he fell on the exposed spike which was fixed to a concrete block as neighbours rushed to help him to the nearby Narayan Swaroop Hospital. His mother Kamla Devi, 30, collapsed when she saw him lying on the ground with the spike protruding from his body.

Kamla said: ‘They took me to the hospital to see my son. I had completely given up on his chances of survival. ‘So I couldn’t believe when the doctor told me he was alive.’ ‘It’s a miracle. It’s no exaggeration to compare the doctors with gods. If not gods, they are god-sent to us.’ 


It took a team of six hospital staff to remove the rod from the small boy without permanently damaging major blood vessels and organs.

Dr Rajeev Singh, the ‘hero’ surgeon who operated on Aman, said he believed before the operation that saving him was ‘practically impossible’. ‘His condition was very critical,’ Dr Singh said. ‘His blood pressure was zero. If the patient was not operated within hours of accident, he could collapsed.’

Lifesaver: Dr Rajeev Singh (pictured) and a team of six doctors and hospital staff worked for four hours to remove the rod from Aman's body without damaging any blood vessels or organs 

Aman, who now uses a colostomy bag, has not been able play his beloved cricket or go to school since the accident in October. A British doctor said the boy had been ‘millimetres’ from death – and now faces a lifetime of medical complications.

Surgery: Aman will have problems going to the toilet for years because the spike ruptured his rectum

Dr Arun Ghosh said: ‘I think it’s pure luck that he survived.  ‘Obviously the doctor’s did an excellent job but most of the time, when people are impaled, they will die instantly or soon after from bleeding. ‘It would have taken major and complex surgery to save him. You’d have needed a vascular surgeon, a respiratory surgeon, a neurosurgeon, and they would have to be at the top of their game.
‘I’m not sure we would be able to get such a major trauma team together on such short notice. ‘The spinal damage could mean he suffers from erectile dysfunction, pins and needles in his hands and feet, a lack of coordination and possibly even loss of bladder function. ‘Because it entered near his anus, he’s definitely not going to be able to go to the toilet normally for a very long time, and he’ll probably need a colostomy bag to pee.’Walking is going to be a problem in the short term and because of his damage lungs, he never going to be able to run a marathon.’He will have some life long problems but really, he survived something he should have died from.’